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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE $5,489,000
    YEAR 2021
    LENGTH 86' (26.21m)
    BEAM 20' (6.1m)
    CABINS 4
    MAX SPEED 30 Knots
    DRAFT 1.93m
    ENGINES MAN 1900hp
    MAN 1900hp
    HULL MATERIAL Fiberglass
    An important feature is the position of the owner cabin on the main deck, reaching across the entire hull. Your advantage is primarily a bigger owner cabin with greater privacy, no step between the stern cockpit and the owner bedroom, and much more daylight in the owner cabin. “Fusion design” also means that features and materials, which you usually find only on mega yachts and super yachts, are integrated in this concept. With the BUGARI F86 you can choose for example from the finest woods and marbles, as well as from mega yacht options like salon side doors with a sidewalk balcony or a private terrace for your owner cabin.

    With the owner cabin located in front of the main deck the owner enjoys maximum privacy. The crew works outside over the owner cabin and this way the inside of the owner cabin cannot be seen by crew members or guests.

    Another unmatched feature in this class is the foldout owner terrace. With this option you can extend the owner cabin and so optimally and privately enjoy, for example, the ambience of an undiscovered bay or ancient city.

    The direct access from the owner wellness area to the outside bow area, and the connected bow seating and sunbeds, guarantees the utmost privacy even for the outside bow areas.

    A garage for the tender and jet ski is an essential part of the BUGARI fusion design concept. The comfortable handling of the toys in the garage is supported by a new bathing stairs design, which can be converted into a pier in a horizontal position.

    This new type of movable stairs can be either used as bathing steps or a pier for toys, as well as for more comfortable entering of the vessel from land.

    The bathing platform is not only immersible but also extendable by one meter for use as an additional sun deck or just as a generous bathing platform.

    In this way your 26.5 meter yacht can reduce its length to 25.5 meter for easier and cost saving mooring.

    The  BUGARI Fast Eco Hull  is a cutting-edge innovation which sets new standards in naval architecture.

    The underwater hull is a completely new design minimizing the change from displacement to hydroplaning ride and optimizing the planning characteristics mainly at slow and fast cruising speeds between 20 and 25 knots.

    example: at 20 knots half load condition (80tons) the FEH consumption of BUGARI with 2 x Man 1,900hP was measured with 15.9 ltr/nm (318ltr/h).  a conventional V-hull  with shaft propulsion in the same displacement range would usually need about 21.5 ltr/nm (430 ltr/h) or more. This means that with a conventional V-hull you would need a minimum of 112 ltr/h or 35% more fuel than with the new BUGARI Fast Eco Hull.

    Thanks to the new hydrodynamic geometry the BUGARI Fast Eco Hull simultaneously provides significantly better maneuverability and length stability, even at low eco speeds between 10 and 14 knots for long range cruising.

    example: at eco speed 11 knots half load condition (80 tons) the Feh provides a consumption of about 7 ltr/nm (77 ltr/h), which means a maximum cruising range of over 1,500nm by keeping 500 ltr fuel reserve.

    You will feel the BUGARI Fast Eco Hull experience when accelerating and changing from displacement to planning ride: the ship will move up but always stay in a comfortable horizontal position with practically no change in length angle.

    An important issue within the BUGARI concept is the functional process of crew activities without interfering with the private area of the owners and guests.

    The layout positions of crew cabins, the galley, and interior steps to the fly and pilot stations, guarantee smooth crew operations while the privacy of the owners and guests remains undisturbed.

    Also important in this regard is the layout position of the owner cabin in the front of the ship, whereas the crew cabins are positioned in the stern and directly connected with the engine room.

    With an unmissable Italian style, this yacht's interior is designed to provide the utmost comfort with incredible taste using noble materials such as wood, stone and metal in a superb layout, that guarantees total privacy and relaxation out at sea in a luxurious, modern and efficient vessel.

    The yacht's fly bridge offers ample space for lounging, relaxing and sunbathing with a Jacuzzi, covered seating and a barbecue area.

    Main deck with big hall provided with welcoming c-shaped sofa and double front sofa, open designed bar with external entry from crew service side.

    The large Kitchen, with a double fridge and roll away doors, is located on the lower deck. The Galley is fully equipped with all modern appliances, ensuring the crew can give efficient and professional service to guests.