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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE €950,000
    YEAR 1969
    LENGTH 78' 5" (23.9m)
    BEAM 22' 4" (6.8m)
    GUESTS 8
    CABINS 4
    MAX SPEED 9 Knots
    FLAG Netherlands
    DRAFT 2.5m
    ENGINES Lister Blackstone ERS4 330hp
    CREW 2

    M/Y Family, part of a series of sixty-four Fleet Tenders commissioned by the British Royal Navy from 1963 to 1982, boasts a keel laid by C.D. Holmes in 1969 at Alexandra Dock, on River Hull, in the UK. Originally constructed to Lloyd's 100A1+ UK Coasting Service standards, these vessels were designed for North Seas operations. These vessels were featuring various deckhouse designs but concealed identical hulls and machinery, capable of accommodating 100 passengers or over 25 tons of cargo. Evolving from a service vessel, she has transformed into a versatile family yacht, offering comfort and renewed energy. Her robust build ensures safety and smooth sailing through diverse conditions, appealing to families seeking secure waterborne adventures. Renowned for her maritime exploration capabilities and impressive fuel efficiency, M/Y Family unites resilience with environmental consideration. Following conversion, her interior has been thoughtfully enhanced for passengers of all ages, exuding an inviting ambiance. Her skillful integration of outdoor spaces provides serene retreats against captivating seascapes. M/Y Family, fully operational and adaptable, is poised for both immediate exploration and/or ambitious restoration projects, embodying flexibility and innovation.

    As mentioned before, M/Y Family was one of sixty-four Fleet Tenders commissioned by the British Royal Navy from 1963 to 1982. Her keel was laid in 1969 by C.D. Holmes, a renowned commercial shipyard based in Alexandra Dock, upon River Hull, in the United Kingdom. Notably, M/Y Family was originally built to Lloyd's 100A1+ UK Coasting Service classification. These well-constructed vessels were designed for operations in the North Seas around the UK, the Continent, and the English Channel. While there were four different deckhouse configurations, their hulls and machinery remained identical. This design allowed for the accommodation of 100 passengers or more than 25 tons of cargo across two holds and on deck.

    The "Clovelly Class" was a series of fishing trawlers constructed by the C.D. Holmes shipyard in Hull, England. These trawlers were specifically designed for the fishing industry, intended for fish capture, particularly through the practice of trawling. The name "Clovelly Class" was a nod to the English fishing village of Clovelly. Carefully crafted with features tailored to meet the demands of commercial fishing, these vessels were equipped with trawl nets, extensive fishing nets dragged along the seabed to capture fish, resulting from meticulous design that took into account the nuances of fishing techniques and the challenging maritime environment.

    What further sets this trawler class apart is their robustness and capability to navigate through demanding waters. Their sturdy construction, emphasizing durability and resistance to the elements, made them renowned vessels capable of tackling the sometimes harsh marine conditions. Due to their ability to withstand the challenges of the sea, these trawlers captured the attention of the Royal Navy for their potential as support vessels. The Royal Navy recognized the exceptional seafaring qualities of the "Clovelly Class," along with their generous cargo capacity, making them ideal candidates for sea-based support roles.

    These trawlers were adapted for specific missions within the context of the Royal Navy, showcasing their versatility and adaptability to roles beyond their original design intent. Through their robustness and cargo capacity, the vessels of the "Clovelly Class" earned their place as support vessels within the Royal Navy, a testament to their quality and reputation beyond their initial role in the fishing industry.

    Emerging from her origins as a service vessel, M/Y Family has undergone a notable transformation into a versatile family yacht. This evolution has infused renewed vitality into the vessel, positioning her as a source of comfort and enjoyment for all on board. Her sturdy construction ensures safety and a steady passage through various maritime conditions, making her a suitable choice for families seeking secure adventures on the water. M/Y Family has earned her reputation as a maritime explorer with a noteworthy range, allowing her to navigate diverse destinations with commendable fuel efficiency. This distinct blend of resilience and thriftiness makes each voyage an expedition of discovery without compromising environmental sensibilities.

    Following her conversion, meticulous attention has been dedicated to enhancing the yacht's interior, creating a welcoming sanctuary for passengers of all ages. The fusion of comfort and functionality effortlessly creates an atmosphere that emanates warmth and relaxation. Moreover, M/Y Family has ingeniously incorporated expansive outdoor areas, carefully crafted to provide tranquil retreats where passengers can unwind amid captivating seascapes.

    Presenting herself as a vessel with multifaceted potential, M/Y Family stands poised to embark in her current state – fully operational and eager to embrace new horizons. Alternatively, she possesses the capacity to serve as an exquisite project foundation for those with ambitions of personalization and restoration. The yacht's adaptable nature underscores her flexibility, accommodating the aspirations of those in search of immediate exploration or those ready to embark on a journey of rejuvenation and innovation.
    • Type: Fleet Tender, Clovelly Class
    • Class: 100A1 (Lloyds)
    • Year of Build: 1969
    • Ship Builder: C.D. Holmes, Kingston Upon Hull
    • Ordered by: British Royal Navy
    • 1969 - 1985: Once known as "Denmead," this yacht proudly served in the military's Clovelly Class tender fleet.
    • 1986 - 2005: Renamed "Kilquade," she supported maritime operations with unwavering dedication.
    • 2006 - 2017: As "St. Katharine," she embraced a new role, welcoming visitors in bustling Barcelona.
    • 2017 - 2023: Today, named "Family," she's ready to go for new adventures.

    A Journey of Transformation:

    Each name reflects a different part of "Family's" story – military service, versatile support, and urban hospitality. Now, she's ready to be a part of your new memories by the blue waters.

    • Dimensions: Length 23.99 meters (~ 78.20 ft), Beam 6.80 meters (~ 22.47 ft), Draft 2.50 meters (~ 8.20 ft)
    • Displacement: Approximately 160 tons
    • Tanks:
      • Fuel Tanks: 3 x 6000 liters
      • Fuel Daily Service Tank: 1 x 650 liters
      • Fresh Water: 1 x 3750 liters
      • Grey/Black Water Tanks: 2 x 1500L total approx. 3000 liters
    • 4-cylinder Lister Blackstone Type ERS4, 750 RPM - 330 HP (243 KW), fully overhauled in 2018
    • Approx. 600 hours registered
    • Turbo: Napier
    • Gear Box: Lister Blackstone 2:1
    • Cruising (7 knots): 480 RPM @ 21 liters per hour
    • Maximum Speed (9 knots): 700 RPM @ 45 liters per hour
    • Furuno Radar type 1931 with a range of 46 miles
    • Raymarine Color Radar-Plotter C90 with digital scanner
    • VHF Sailor RT 2048, VHF Icom M4010, Icom DSC Controller DS 100
    • MLR DGPS receiver + plotter, Raymarine Smart Autopilot with GPS and Plotter
    • Navico NAIS 300 (AIS system),
    • Furuno color echo sounder FCW 6001
    • Navtex Nav5 GMDSS weather fax receiver
    • Shipmate RS 6100 weather fax receiver
    • Kenwood R-2000 SSB communication receiver,
    • Liquid compass (original Royal Navy)
    • Navigation lights 24V, AIS NSR, GPS FURUNO
    • SART type McMurdo 9Ghz,
    • EPIRB type MCM406A - 406MHz
    • 1 x Pains Wessex/MOB smoke-lights,
    • 16 x Lifejackets with light
    • 8 x safe buoy with line,
    • 2 x 6 persons dinghy in container
    • 16 x foam fire extinguisher, Number of hand flares
    • Workbench + tools,
    • Battery charger/Inverter Mastervolt 24V-80 amp/230V
    • Battery charger Mastervolt 24V-50 amp/230V,
    • Battery charger 12V Super Charger
    • Generator Onan silent pack 230V/400V output 27 KVA (6700 Hours – 08/2023)
    • Generator Onan silent pack 230V/400V output 19 KVA (2000 Hours – 08/2023)
    • Firefight pump with deck wash connection (400V)
    • Bilge pump driven by the main engine
    • Speck 24VDC freshwater pump 1200 liters per hour
    • GDO 230V freshwater pump 3000 liters per hour
    • Fuel pump to daily service tank 400V
    • 2 Black water pumps with pulverizer 400V
    • 1x ACV stainless steel 200-liter boiler, heated by central heating or electric boiler
    • 1x 85-liter electric boiler or through the ACV boiler
    • WEBASTO Airco-unit with 2 compressors, Holland Heating (central heating system) 28Kw
    • Idromar desalinizer (200 l/h)
    • Bosch Condense dryer 7 KG, Bosch Washing machine 7 KG
    • Miele fridge with freeze compartment (table size)
    • Brema ice cube maker,
    • Bed linen, towels, beach towels etc. circa 2x 8 pers.
    • Bosch dish washer 230V, Bosch fridge 230 liters + freeze compartment 60 liters 230V
    • Ceramic cooking plate with 2 single units and 2 double units 230V
    • Whirlpool electric (hot air) oven + grill 230V, Whirlpool microwave + electric oven 230V
    • Stainless steel sink with shower tap,
    • Candy stainless steel hood 230V
    • Indirect light under the cupboards 230V
    • Plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, pots & pans for 10.
    • Anchor winch with 400V electro motor approx. 120 meters Stud link chain
    • Stainless steel swim ladder, Wooden dining set for 8.