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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE Price on Application
    YEAR 2025
    LENGTH 80' (24.38m)
    BEAM 21' 4" (6.5m)
    GUESTS 8
    CABINS 4
    MAX SPEED 12 Knots
    FLAG Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
    DRAFT 2.4m
    ENGINES Caterpillar C-18 500hp
    Caterpillar C-18 500hp
    CREW 4

    The Explora 80 is a masterpiece of nautical engineering and design, brought to life through the skilled hands and visionary creativity of the esteemed firm, Fernando de Almeida. With a reputation that spans the international nautical world, Fernando de Almeida is celebrated as the foremost yacht designer in Brazil, and the Explora 80 stands as a testament to his expertise.

    Unrivaled Construction Excellence

    What sets the Explora 80 apart is its unwavering commitment to robust and reliable construction, a hallmark of Inace Superyachts, where no detail is too small to escape notice. Every aspect of this vessel has been meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost safety, performance, and comfort, impressing even the most discerning eyes with its technical prowess.

    Personalization Redefined

    The essence of personalization is at the core of the Explora 80's design philosophy. Its modern and bold aesthetic is adaptable to the unique desires of each future owner. The construction project is not merely demanding; it's a canvas upon which the owner's dreams and preferences are painted. Whether one seeks a sleek and contemporary look or a more opulent and classic interior, the Explora 80 is a reflection of the owner's individuality.

    Luxury Beyond Compare

    Beyond its technical excellence and customizable design, the Explora 80 epitomizes luxury living on the water. Each facet of the interior is thoughtfully conceived to create a sense of home on the sea. The cabins are spacious and inviting, the furnishings lavish and inviting, and the amenities state-of-the-art, ensuring an unparalleled experience for all who step aboard.

    Freedom to Explore

    Yet, the Explora 80 is not solely about luxury; it's about the freedom to explore the world's waters. With its robust construction, it can gracefully navigate any sea condition, instilling confidence to embark on adventures in remote and challenging waters.

    Inace Superyachts: Champions of Custom Boats

    Inace Superyachts' dedication to custom boats is exemplified by the Explora 80. These sophisticated models have earned their place among nautical enthusiasts worldwide. They cater to those who understand the joy of sailing in any sea condition, appreciate cost-efficiency, prioritize safety, and view their boat as a personal sanctuary, a floating haven that allows them to explore the world's waters at their own pace.

    Embark on a Journey of a Lifetime

    The Explora 80 is not just a yacht; it's an embodiment of luxury, personalization, and the freedom to embark on journeys of a lifetime. It's a vessel that speaks to the heart of adventurers and connoisseurs of the sea, inviting them to make it their own and create unforgettable experiences on the open waters of the world.