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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE Price on Application
    YEAR 2025
    LENGTH 131' (39.93m)
    BEAM 8' (2.41m)
    GUESTS 10
    CABINS 5
    MAX SPEED 12 Knots
    FLAG Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
    DRAFT 0.84m
    ENGINES Caterpillar C32 ACERT 1600hp
    Caterpillar C32 ACERT 1600hp
    CREW 6

    The EXPLORA 131 is a remarkable long-range expedition vessel, designed to cater to the most adventurous and well-equipped explorations on the high seas. Crafted with precision and ingenuity, this vessel promises an exceptional maritime experience, boasting an extensive capacity to carry tenders, water toys, and even a helicopter. This vessel is the epitome of luxury, adventure, and exploration, making it the perfect choice for those who seek to venture into the world's most remote and untouched regions.

    Technical Specifications:


    Length Overall: 40 meters (131 feet)

    Waterline Length: 39 meters (127 feet)

    Maximum Beam: 8.36 meters (27 feet 5 inches)

    Draught Full Load: 2.23 meters (7.04 feet)

    Displacement Full Load: 300 tons


    Passengers/Staterooms: 14/6

    Crew/Staterooms: 8/4

    Hull Material:

    The hull is constructed from a robust combination of steel and aluminum, ensuring durability and safety in even the harshest of conditions.


    Maximum Speed: Capable of reaching speeds of up to 12 knots, allowing for swift transit when necessary.

    Cruise Speed: A comfortable cruising speed of 10 knots ensures a relaxed and enjoyable journey.

    Range: With an astonishing range of 5,000 nautical miles, the EXPLORA 131 can embark on extended expeditions without the need for frequent refueling.


    Fuel: The vessel boasts a substantial fuel capacity of 15,850 gallons (60,000 liters), guaranteeing prolonged journeys without interruption.

    Fresh Water: With a freshwater capacity of 7,930 gallons (15,000 liters), passengers can enjoy ample supplies for extended stays onboard.

    Black Water: The vessel is equipped with a black water tank capacity of 530 gallons (2,000 liters) to ensure responsible waste management.

    Gray Water: Similarly, a gray water tank with a capacity of 530 gallons (2,000 liters) is available, further promoting eco-conscious practices.

    Design & Project:

    Design: The EXPLORA 131's stunning design is credited to the talented Fernando de Almeida, who has infused the vessel with elegance and functionality.

    Naval Architecture: INACE Engineering, renowned for its expertise in ship design, contributed to the vessel's outstanding naval architecture.

    Classification: The vessel meets the stringent standards of the RINA classification, assuring safety and adherence to international maritime regulations.

    The EXPLORA 131 stands as a testament to modern maritime engineering and design, offering a luxurious and thrilling platform for long-range expeditions. Whether it's navigating icy polar waters, exploring remote tropical paradises, or embarking on adventurous journeys to the farthest corners of the globe, this vessel is your ultimate companion for limitless exploration. With its extensive amenities and unmatched capabilities, the EXPLORA 131 promises an unforgettable voyage into the heart of uncharted territories.