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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE Price on Application
    YEAR 2025
    LENGTH 106' (32.31m)
    BEAM 7' (2.13m)
    GUESTS 10
    CABINS 5
    MAX SPEED 20 Knots
    FLAG Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
    DRAFT 0.91m
    ENGINES CAT 3208 600hp
    CAT 3208 600hp
    HULL MATERIAL Fiberglass
    CREW 6

    The AVENTURA 106 is a stunning and luxurious compact tri-deck motor yacht that offers an exceptional combination of elegance, comfort, and performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this yacht provides an exquisite cruising experience for those who demand the best in yachting.


    • Master Stateroom on Main Deck: The AVENTURA 106 stands out with its master stateroom located on the main deck, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience. This placement provides panoramic views and a sense of grandeur rarely seen in yachts of this size.

    • Generous Outdoor Areas: The yacht features spacious outdoor areas, including multiple decks, lounging spaces, and al fresco dining options. Whether you're basking in the sun on the upper deck or enjoying a gourmet meal on the aft deck, AVENTURA 106 provides the perfect setting.

    • Great Autonomy: With impressive autonomy, this yacht is designed for extended journeys and long-distance cruising. It allows you to explore remote destinations without compromising on comfort or luxury.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Dimensions:

      • Length Overall: 30.48 meters (100 feet)
      • Waterline Length: 00 meters (000 feet)
      • Max Beam: 7.15 meters (23.5 feet)
      • Draught Full Load: 2.40 meters (7.10 feet)
      • Displacement Full Load: 230 tons
    • Passengers/Staterooms: The yacht can accommodate up to 12 passengers in 5 luxurious staterooms, ensuring privacy and comfort. Additionally, there are 3 crew members who have their own 2 staterooms.

    • Hull Material: The AVENTURA 106 is built using a combination of steel and aluminum, ensuring durability and structural integrity while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance.


    • Maximum Speed: The yacht is capable of reaching a top speed of 13 knots, making it ideal for efficient and timely travel between destinations.

    • Cruise Speed: With a comfortable cruise speed of 11 knots, passengers can enjoy a smooth and relaxing journey.

    • Range: The AVENTURA 106 boasts an impressive range of 3,000 nautical miles, allowing for extended voyages without frequent refueling stops.


    • Fuel: The yacht has a substantial fuel capacity of 19,250 gallons (35,000 liters), ensuring long-distance cruising capability.

    • Fresh Water: With a fresh water capacity of 3,960 gallons (15,000 liters), passengers can enjoy ample freshwater for showers, cooking, and other onboard amenities.

    • Waste Management: The yacht features sizable waste water tanks with a capacity of 530 gallons (2,000 liters) for both black and gray water, contributing to responsible and eco-friendly cruising.

    Design & Project:

    • Design: The AVENTURA 106 boasts a timeless and elegant design created by the renowned yacht designer Fernando de Almeida.

    • Naval Architecture: The yacht's naval architecture is the work of INACE Engineering, known for its expertise in creating vessels that excel in both form and function.

    • Classification: AVENTURA 106 is classified by RINA, a leading maritime classification society, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety and construction standards.

    In summary, the AVENTURA 106 is a masterpiece of maritime engineering and design, offering an exquisite blend of luxury, performance, and autonomy. With its master stateroom on the main deck, spacious outdoor areas, and impressive technical specifications, it promises an unforgettable yachting experience for discerning travelers and enthusiasts alike.