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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE $4,450,000
    YEAR 2022
    LENGTH 73' (22.25m)
    BEAM 18' 5" (5.61m)
    CABINS 4
    MAX SPEED 24 Knots
    DRAFT 1.65m
    ENGINES Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350 1000hp
    Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350 1000hp
    HULL MATERIAL Fiberglass

     AQUARIUS- 2022 Absolute 73' Navetta 

    The Absolute 73' Navetta yacht is a luxurious and sophisticated vessel that represents the pinnacle of comfort and style on the water. The Navetta stands alone with its sleek lines and meticulous attention to detail. All aspects of this yacht exudes elegance and class. Designed and crafted with the finest materials in mind, the Absolute 73' Navetta offers a seamless blend of performance, functionality, and opulence.

    Measuring 73 feet in length, this yacht provides ample space for relaxation and entertainment throughout. Its spacious interior features a well-appointed salon, complete with plenty of upgraded designer furniture, made with the best materials. The salon and dining area are surrounded by large panoramic windows that offer breathtaking views of the surroundings. The yacht can accommodate a generous number of guests, with 4 luxurious cabins, including a lavish master suite, 3 spacious guest cabins, and crew quarters for 3, including a private captains cabin.

    The exterior design of the Absolute 73' Navetta showcases modern and sophisticated lines, with a sleek profile that turns heads wherever it goes. An extremely spacious flybridge provides an excellent vantage point for enjoying the open air, panoramic views and plenty of room for entertaining. The flybridge boasts several outdoor seating areas, a large bar, and sunbathing spaces, making it ideal for socializing or simply basking in the sun.

    Powered by the reliable and efficient Volvo Penta POD drives, the propulsion system of the Absolute 73' Navetta combines excellent performance with a smooth and comfortable ride. Advanced Garmin navigation with radar, sonar, starlink, and anemonmeter. The Volvo control systems ensure ease of handling, making it a joy to operate for both experienced captains and novices alike. 

    Furthermore, the Absolute 73' Navetta is equipped with various luxury amenities and features to enhance the onboard experience. The ergonomic spaces in every room, furnished in the most refined ‘Made in Italy’ tradition, are bright and well-finished in every detail. It also includes a state-of-the-art entertainment systems throughout the yacht, a fully equipped galley, and several refrigerators and freezers that allow the yacht to be out at sea for days on end. Equipped with a water maker and large gyroscopic stabilizer, and a hydraulic swim platform for easy access to the water, and a large range of extra options chosen by the current owner that make this particular yacht a one of a kind. 

    Whether cruising along the coast or embarking on extended voyages, the Absolute 73' Navetta offers a truly exceptional yachting experience, where luxury, comfort, and performance converge to create unforgettable moments on the water.

    Stepping into the engine room of the motor yacht Aquarius, prepare to be amazed by the remarkable spaciousness. Every piece of machinery, pumps, and filters are thoughtfully arranged, ensuring easy accessibility for maintenance and service. The gleaming stainless steel railings and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment contribute to making this engine room a true masterpiece, setting a new standard for excellence in a 73' yacht.   One of the key highlights of the Engine Room is its design, centered around the highly respected and efficient Volvo Penta P.O.D. drives. Aquarius boasts two D13-IPS1350 (735 kW) engines, which can be controlled from four different stations across the yacht—namely, the main interior helm, flybridge, STBD side deck, and main aft deck. These Volvo Penta engines also come equipped with the remarkable Dynamic Positioning System (D.P.S.), often referred to as skyhook. At the touch of a button, the engines can maintain a steady heading and keep the vessel in place, utilizing the advanced Garmin satellite GPS technology. This feature proves invaluable when setting up fenders and lines or waiting for bridge openings, among a host of other applications.   Moreover, it's worth noting that the two main engines have recently undergone their first 250-hour service and are still covered by the Volvo warranty until 2026. This warranty ensures peace of mind and underscores the exceptional quality and reliability of the Aquarius's powertrain.   All in all, the engine room of the motor yacht Aquarius is a marvel to behold. Its thoughtful design, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous maintenance make it a true standout, setting a new standard of excellence in the world of luxury yachting.

    The flybridge of this remarkable 73-foot boat is truly exceptional, providing an unrivaled experience that will leave you in awe. As you step onto the flybridge, you'll be struck by its impressive spaciousness and thoughtfully crafted design. At the helm station, prepare to be amazed by the cutting-edge technology that awaits you. Equipped with two stunning 20-inch Garmin screens and an array of navigational equipment and systems monitoring technology, it fulfills every captain's dream. Whether you're embarking on a cocktail cruise party or seeking a tranquil space to relax, the flybridge offers a range of seating options to suit any occasion. The highlight is the expansive island bar, complete with an icemaker and refrigerator to keep your refreshments refreshingly cool. The ambient accent lighting creates a captivating atmosphere, perfect for unwinding in the evenings. 

      Gather around the large dining table, which comfortably accommodates up to 8 people and features a hidden magnetic plate that secures the glassware even during the roughest seas. Above the table, a retractable sunroof adds a touch of versatility, allowing you to bask in the warmth of the sun during the day or marvel at the twinkling stars at night.   As you continue exploring the flybridge, you'll discover a generous couch, two cozy cigar chairs, and two inviting sunbeds—ideal for those seeking to soak up the sun's rays or simply unwind. Offering a 360° unobstructed view, the flybridge ensures that nothing hinders your sight, as there are no isinglass or vertical shades to obscure the breathtaking vistas. To enhance your culinary adventures, the owner has installed an upgraded feature—an impressive 220V barbecue with two elements and different grill plates to satisfy all your grilling needs. And for those desiring a refreshing rinse, a convenient stand-up showerhead insert is also available on the flybridge.   In summary, the flybridge of this 73-foot boat is a haven of luxury and relaxation. From its cutting-edge technology and versatile seating options to its breathtaking views and upgraded amenities, it offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning for more.


    • Electric retractible sunroof
    • Accent lighting on sette, bar and ceiling  
    • Island bar
    • Ice maker behind island bar 
    • Refrigerator behind island bar
    • Large double cabnet door storage area behind island bar
    • Large sink  with hot and cold water
    • Hidden flat stovetop on island bar with 4 cook tops
    • Large dining table for 10 guest
    • Large storage under the sette 
    • 220v electric grill
    • Helm station
    • 2 20" Garmin screens
    • Volvo throttle control
    • Volvo joystick
    • Bow/Stern thruster control
    • Quick anchor control 
    • Fusion stereo head unit
    • magnetic compass
    • Search light control
    • Quick grab storage compartment adjacent to helm
    • AC vents on helm 
    • Volvo digital Control screen
    • Overhead shower attachment 
    • Electric telescopic sun shade
    • Large Canopy sun shade over aft portion of deck
    • Large free moving couch
    • Two large free moving chairs
    • Two sun bathing lounge chairs

    Step into the remarkable galley of this vessel and prepare to be amazed by its strategic positioning adjacent to the helm station and just ahead of the main salon. Its unique layout and thoughtful design make it an integral part of the vessel's culinary experience, ensuring convenience and functionality for the chef and crew.  

    Equipped with an impressive array of tools and the finest Miele appliances, the galley leaves no culinary desire unmet. A full-size Miele refrigerator and a spacious freezer provide ample storage space for provisions, allowing for extended voyages without compromising on freshness. The Miele four-burner electric range, microwave, and convection oven empower the chef to create culinary masterpieces with ease. Additionally, the galley boasts a large Miele dishwasher and a generously sized sink with a retractable faucet head, ensuring effortless cleanup after meal preparations.  

    For coffee enthusiasts, just off the galley, a Nespresso Espresso and coffee maker awaits, ready to deliver the perfect cup of coffee to start the day or provide a mid-day pick-me-up.   The galley exudes a modern sophistication, enhanced by the exquisite aesthetics of  Marble. Plentiful storage options underneath the gleaming countertops keep cooking supplies neatly organized and within easy reach, ensuring an efficient workflow for the chef.  

    To create an open and inviting ambiance, the galley features a unique drop-down wall that seamlessly connects to the salon, fostering a sense of unity throughout the living space. This harmonious design enhances the overall flow, allowing for easy interaction between guests and chefs, creating a welcoming environment for all.   Conveniently positioned on the port side, the galley provides direct access to the exterior decks. This allows the chef and stew to effortlessly move in and out, facilitating efficient service for guests on the bow or other exterior areas. This seamless integration between the galley and the outdoor spaces ensures a seamless dining experience, whether enjoyed inside or al fresco.  

    In summary, the galley of this vessel is a culinary haven, designed to meet the needs of even the most discerning chefs. Its thoughtful layout, top-of-the-line appliances, and elegant aesthetics create an exceptional cooking environment, setting the stage for memorable dining experiences on board.

    • Miele convection oven
    • Miele Microwave
    • Miele DynaCool refrigerator 
    • Miele Futura Lumen dishwasher
    • Miele induction stove top with overhead light and exhaust fan 
    • Miele wine cooler

    Step into the remarkable and spacious salon, a true embodiment of luxury and style. Prepare to be captivated by the floor-to-ceiling windows on each side, offering panoramic views of the stunning surroundings.

    The focal point of the salon is a magnificent dining table situated forward, boasting a beautifully glossy varnished dark canaletto walnut surface. What sets this table apart is its innovative magnetized surface, meticulously designed to secure glassware and prevent spills, ensuring a flawless dining experience. This ingenious feature is truly unparalleled in the world of yachts.

    Enhancing the ambiance of the salon, two large Minotti designed couches provide optimal seating comfort, while a captivating Calacatta marble coffee table adds a touch of elegance. A Minotti designed plush rug enhances the cozy atmosphere, inviting guests to relax and unwind. Additionally, a spacious Minotti chair offers ample seating for multiple individuals to gather and engage in conversation or enjoy the large pop-up TV that emerges from the entertainment cupboard, which offers plentiful storage space.

    The salon is adorned with exquisite accent lighting, lending a sleek and modern aesthetic to the space. Its inviting ambiance and generous proportions make it perfect for any occasion or social gathering.

    To further enhance connectivity and entertainment options, the fusion stereo head unit and other electronics for controlling the entertainment systems can be found within the salon itself. A large storage cabinet is dedicated to table decor and glassware, ensuring that every occasion or theme night is met with the appropriate elegance and sophistication.

    The salon's windows are accompanied by dark wood electronic venetian blinds, effortlessly adjustable at the touch of a button, allowing you to seamlessly control the amount of natural light streaming into the space.

    Connecting the salon to the main aft deck is a set of double-wide sliding doors, creating a vast opening and seamlessly merging the indoor and outdoor areas. This seamless integration offers a sense of openness and freedom, welcoming guests to bask in the beauty of the surrounding environment.


    • 47" LG HD Television
    • Minotti designed furniture 
    • Fusion stereo control head unit
    • Bose surround sound
    • Somfly electrical blinds
    As you descend the stairwell from the main salon, you are greeted by a tasteful blend of functionality and elegance. This staircase leads to the various cabins on the boat, including the VIP, queen, and twin cabins.

    Each step of the staircase is adorned with accent lighting, delicately illuminating the path and creating a visually stunning effect. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, a soft glow emanates from underneath each step, guiding your way with a touch of sophistication.

    On the starboard side of the staircase, a large window bathes the area in natural light, creating a welcoming and airy atmosphere. Additionally, a hidden breaker panel can be easily accessed with the touch of a concealed pop-up panel, ensuring seamless control and maintenance of the boat's electrical systems.

    Safety and comfort are paramount, and the staircase handrails are adorned with luxurious leather, offering a pleasant tactile experience and providing a secure grip as you ascend or descend the stairs. The handrails serve as a testament to both style and practicality, ensuring your safety while adding a touch of refinement to the overall design.

    The stairs themselves are crafted from beautiful natural woven oak, exuding warmth and timeless elegance. The meticulous attention to detail in their construction showcases the boat's commitment to exquisite craftsmanship

    As you step into the exquisite VIP cabin, located just aft after descending the stairwell, prepare to be immersed in a world of luxury and comfort. This spacious cabin is truly a marvel, rivaling even the master cabin in size and grandeur.

    A lavish king-size bed takes center stage, inviting you to indulge in ultimate relaxation. On the starboard side, a large vanity area overlooks the window, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. In the VIP cabin, you will find a large closet with a safe, and plenty of storage drawers providing ample space for your belongings.

    One of the most unique features of this cabin is its cleverly designed en-suite bathroom. The bathroom is divided into separate compartments, with the toilet and shower discreetly separated from each other. In the middle of the cabin, you'll discover a corian counter top and sink, elegantly positioned without any enclosing doors. A large mirror in front of the sink can be lowered, unveiling an open window to the stunning sea views. Imagine washing your hands while feeling connected to the water, as the waterline is positioned above the cabin floor. This innovative design element truly sets this cabin apart and adds a touch of whimsical elegance.

    Every detail of the VIP cabin has been meticulously considered to ensure that guests feel like true VIPs. The layout, the luxurious furnishings, and the breathtaking views all contribute to an unforgettable experience. It is a testament to the vessel's commitment to providing the utmost in comfort and indulgence.

    Prepare to be embraced by a sense of grandeur and exclusivity as you enter this remarkable VIP cabin. Your stay here will be nothing short of extraordinary, leaving you feeling pampered and privileged throughout your journey.


    • 42" Samsung TV 
    • Bose surround sound 
    • VSafe 14.5" inches

    Indulge in the opulence of the Port VIP cabin, which exudes luxury and comfort. This remarkable cabin boasts a full-size window, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood the space and create a bright and inviting ambiance.

    The en-suite head further enhances the desirability and convenience of this cabin, providing privacy and ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for guests. Ample storage space, including cabinets for clothes and luggage, ensures that everything can be neatly organized and easily accessible.

    In a thoughtful addition that sets this vessel apart, the Port VIP cabin is directly connected to an exceptionally large storage area designated for the crew. This storage area serves as a haven for provisions, allowing the crew to stock up on necessities and ensure a seamless and well-prepared charter or owner's trip that can span several weeks. This ingenious design feature not only enhances the functionality of the vessel but also contributes to the overall comfort and satisfaction of guests.

    Every aspect of the Port VIP cabin has been carefully designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience. From the ample storage options to the infusion of natural light, this cabin ensures that guests can relax, unwind, and enjoy their time onboard to the fullest.

    The twin cabins situated on the starboard side are an absolute delight, designed to cater to both children and adults alike. Each cabin features two cozy twin bunks, providing a restful haven for a good night's sleep. The attention to detail is exceptional, as evidenced by the spacious layout which includes a generously-sized closet and ample drawer storage, ensuring that every personal belonging finds its rightful place. Adjacent to the bunks, you'll discover two elegant side tables adorned with convenient reading lights, allowing you to indulge in your favorite book or unwind with some late-night reading.

    To create an ambiance of warmth and openness, a large window graces the cabin, flooding the space with natural light and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. Stepping just outside the cabin, you'll find a charming day head in the foyer, thoughtfully positioned in close proximity to the twin cabin for utmost convenience.

    Indulgence knows no bounds in this luxurious cabin. The meticulously crafted design and exquisite amenities guarantee that every guest will feel not only comfortable but also captivated by the sheer opulence that surrounds them. Prepare to be awe-inspired as you step into this enchanting haven, where every moment promises to be unforgettable

    The meticulously designed exterior bow of the vessel showcases an exceptional attention to detail, providing a delightful seating arrangement for up to eight guests around a spacious table. Whether indulging in a delectable breakfast or savoring sunset cocktail drinks, this area serves as the perfect setting, be it at anchor or while gracefully gliding through the water. The table itself is magnetized, ingeniously designed to securely hold magnetic glasses in place, eliminating any concerns about the boat's movement or the possibility of spillage. Furthermore, the layout area surrounding the table offers versatility, as the bunny pad can effortlessly transform into sun beds by tilting up to form a luxurious sunbathing lounge. An insert can be added to the bunny pad, providing a comfortable backrest for those opting to sit and dine at the table.

    To ensure your comfort, an overhead shade can be deployed, enveloping the entire bow area in its protective embrace. This spacious retreat is perfect for unwinding and soaking up the breathtaking surroundings, whether you find yourself underway or at anchor. The expansive decks and ample storage areas offer practicality and convenience, allowing the crew to effortlessly manage cleaning supplies and water toys. Additionally, hidden storage compartments are cleverly concealed beneath the settee, while two generously-sized storage areas can be found in the chain locker just below the windless anchor control. 

    To add to the luxury feeling on the bow, 4 pop up ambient lights are hidden just beneath the surface of the bunny pad. They can easily be raised and lowered for nighttime relaxing in luxury. 

    For added convenience, a shower is thoughtfully positioned in the forepeak, providing a refreshing escape after a day of adventure. Furthermore, an attachment for a washdown hose is available, should the need arise to rinse the anchor as it is raised. This extraordinary space aboard the vessel is a testament to its impeccable design, ensuring an unparalleled experience for all who step aboard.

    The main aft deck of this vessel offers a truly versatile space where you can dine, relax, and enjoy the excitement of various watersports happening around your guests. It features a large dining table that comfortably accommodates up to eight people, and thanks to the magnetized table, you can securely place your magnetic glassware without any worries. For added privacy, there are shades on both starboard and port sides that can be effortlessly raised or lowered. Additionally, an aft shade can be electronically controlled with a simple touch of a button, ensuring complete privacy whenever desired.

    To enhance convenience, there are capstones on each side of the main deck for docking purposes, as well as storage compartments for sunscreen and towels. On the port side, you'll find a service sink, a unique feature that adds further practicality for those who prefer to use it. The main deck also includes a helm station equipped with Volvo Penta controls, making it incredibly convenient for docking the boat stern to. Additionally, there's a fusion control system that allows you to adjust the music or entertainment options with ease.

    From the Starboard side steps leading down the to swim platform you will find the controls to deploy the passarelle or lower the swim platform. 

    Under the stairs leading up to the flybridge, there's ample storage space where you can conveniently keep life vests or deck equipment. These thoughtful features and amenities are designed to provide you with utmost comfort, ensuring that you'll feel relaxed and at ease in no time.

    The swim platform is a central hub for countless hours of water-based enjoyment. This expansive hydraulic platform can effortlessly be raised or lowered, providing an optimal swimming experience in the open ocean. Moreover, it proudly houses a remarkable 15-foot Williams Jet Drive Tender, which can be effortlessly launched into or retrieved from the water. To ensure your comfort, the swim platform features an overhead stainless steel shower that offers a refreshing rinse to wash away the saltwater after a delightful swim.

    Beyond its practicality, the swim platform also offers convenient access to the crew area and Engine Room through a generously sized sealed transom door. Adjacent to the entrance, a spacious storage area is cleverly concealed behind the name board, providing ample space for water toys, and life vests. With its captivating stainless steel accents and enchanting accent lighting, this swim platform truly stands out as a beautiful and distinctive feature of the vessel, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

    Just beneath the surface of the swim platform, underwater lights illuminate the night, creating a mesmerizing display that attracts a diverse array of marine life. The enchanting glow enhances your evening experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean. Additionally, a well-designed ladder, conveniently positioned on the port side, allows for easy access in and out of the water. It can even be deployed while you are swimming, ensuring utmost convenience and safety.

    With its spacious layout and robust security features, the swim platform provides an exceptional design crafted by talented engineers. You will undoubtedly be delighted by the ample space it offers for a variety of fun activities. Whether you are seeking relaxation or thrilling adventures, the swim platform is a haven that promises endless enjoyment and unforgettable memories.

    Welcome to the extraordinary main helm station, gracefully positioned just ahead of the galley on the main deck. Elevated to provide commanding views for the captain, this exceptional space is a testament to meticulous design.

    Equipped with cutting-edge Garmin navigation equipment, the helm boasts a state-of-the-art 4 22-inch Garmin touchscreen display, ensuring seamless control and access to vital information. Two electronic helm seats offer unparalleled comfort, inviting anyone who chooses to join the captain to relax in style.

    Every essential for a captain's needs is conveniently situated within reach, making this the central control hub of the vessel. With a remarkable 180° visibility, encompassing every angle looking ahead, the helm station guarantees optimal visibility, instilling confidence in navigating even the most challenging waters.

    Adjacent to the helm, an additional seating area on the port side invites guests to enjoy the company of the captain while underway. Adorned with luxurious premium leather, the seats provide unrivaled comfort, while exquisite diamond stitching accentuates their elegance.

    The helm itself exudes sophistication with its sleek, high-gloss finish, exquisitely reflecting the craftsmanship that went into its creation. Overhead lighting, bathed in a calming blue hue, enhances nighttime navigation, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

    With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to creating the ultimate captain's experience, this helm station stands as a testament to unparalleled design and innovation. Prepare to embark on a truly unique journey, where every aspect has been carefully considered to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning captains.

    Welcome to the exquisite master suite located on the main deck of the bow area. Prepare to be captivated by the abundant natural light streaming through two expansive windows on each side, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding elements.

    Indulge in the luxury of ample storage space with generously sized closets, both on the port and starboard sides. On the porch side, a grand vanity adorned with a comfortable chair awaits, complemented by a state-of-the-art smart TV, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

    Pamper yourself in the opulent en-suite bathroom, boasting a spacious beam-to-beam layout. Discover a lavish shower with rainfall shower head and handheld shower head option. There is also a generously sized shower bench if one chooses to use and a large window. This lovely space is also accompanied by a towel warmer and twin sinks made from Calacatta marble. An abundance of storage for your toiletries and extra towels can be found under the sinks in this wonderful master suite head. 

    For added tranquility and privacy, the master suite head is elegantly separated from the rest of the living space by two elegant fogged glass doors, delicately mottled for a touch of sophistication. Prepare to revel in the vastness of this truly extraordinary master suite, a haven of space and comfort like no other.

    • Vitrifergo refrigerator
    • 43" Samsung HD television 
    • Bose surround sound 
    • 14.5" VSafe