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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE $2,200,000
    YEAR 2023
    LENGTH 110' (33.53m)
    BEAM 36' 2" (11m)
    GUESTS 6
    CABINS 3
    MAX SPEED 17 Knots
    DRAFT 1.06m
    ENGINES Cummins 550 HP 550hp
    Cummins 550 HP 550hp
    HULL MATERIAL Fiberglass
    CREW 5

    Embark on an Eco-Friendly Transoceanic Journey

    Presenting the I110, a Transoceanic Yacht with All Non-Propulsion Systems Powered by Green Energy. This extraordinary vessel offers the capability to traverse the Atlantic Ocean twice without the need for refueling. Equipped with high-efficiency wave-piercing hulls, the I110 effortlessly maintains a cruising speed of 16 knots, powered by a mere 780 horsepower, resulting in a remarkably frugal fuel consumption rate of just 88 litres per hour.


    Distinguishing herself from conventional yachts, the I110 boasts an environmentally conscious approach by utilising clean energy harnessed from solar panels to operate all non-propulsion systems, including air conditioning, galley appliances, lighting, navigation equipment, and more. Experience uninterrupted comfort and tranquillity with air conditioning, free from the intrusive hum of a generator.


    A Luxury Haven with Unparalleled Safety Features

    The I110 offers a world-class luxury experience like no other. Featuring two hot tubs for onboard relaxation and entertainment. Expansive glass doors open from the master cabin, granting exclusive access to a private hot tub adjoining the cabin. The second pool graces the guest deck, conveniently located near the open bar on the rear deck. A unique feature of the Independence series is the vast transom hydraulic platform, designed to independently launch or retrieve jet skis, tenders, sailing dinghies, or other watercraft.


    Navigating the challenging waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, Floeth Yachts, like many boatbuilding companies, faced significant upheaval, prompting a shift from charter business to the private luxury catamaran market. Renowned for their expertise in PVC Resin Infusion technology, Floeth Yachts sets itself apart as a leading Asian manufacturer, constructing exceptionally lightweight and robust vessels compared to traditional fibreglass builders. In fact, Floeth was the first company in Asia to construct a wave-piercing catamaran, a remarkably stable vessel requiring minimal power for high-performance operation.


    Wave-Piercing Innovation Defined

    This wave-piercing catamaran has finely pointed bows with reduced buoyancy in the forward sections. When encountering waves, these hulls slice through the water instead of riding atop it, delivering a smoother ride and reducing wave-making resistance compared to traditional designs. This innovative construction combines elongated needle-like hulls that extend beyond the bow to provide buoyancy and keep the vessel airborne. This design offers specific advantages, notably minimal power requirements for high-speed travel.


    The I110: A Vision of Luxury and Performance

    Measuring an impressive 110 feet in length with a 45-foot beam, the I110 will be the largest wave-piercing catamaran ever constructed. Equipped with three cabins, a swimming pool with a waterfall on the front deck, and a hot tub on the guest deck, this vessel promises spacious luxury accommodation. The I110 will be assembled on Floeth's oceanfront property after being crafted at their Rayong factory.


    An option for electric engines: Setting her apart from other electric boat manufacturers, the I110 emphasises speed with her two electric engines, capable of maintaining a minimum cruising speed of 14 knots, a unique feat in the realm of electrically-powered vessels. To ensure continuous operation, the boat features generators that recharge the batteries every 10-12 hours while running at 14 knots. Alternatively, it can switch to two diesel-powered engines for docking or extended cruising.


    With her distinctive low-profile hulls and rounded bow section, the wave-piercer exudes an unparalleled aesthetic appeal, resembling a mansion on the water. Floeth's remarkable endeavour has captured the imagination of the entire boating community on the Eastern seaboard.


    Exceptional Design, Unrivaled Comfort

    Additional guest cabins and a pilot house grace the upper deck, while the flybridge features an outdoor seating area and a steering station. Crew quarters, galley, and engine rooms are located on the lower deck. Meticulous attention to detail has been devoted to enhancing fuel efficiency, seaworthiness, and ride comfort. With wave-piercing bows and ample bridge deck clearance, the Astrolabe 110 is primed for extensive voyages. Furthermore, it offers room on the vast transom hydraulic platform for an array of recreational toys, including tenders and jet skis, essential for expedition activities and watersports.


    A Visionary Perspective

    The designer of this remarkable vessel emphasizes its innovative nature, offering limitless cruising possibilities in harmony with the environment. Despite its modest power, the I110 boasts an impressive range, prioritizing seakeeping and mitigating motion through its wave-piercing design. Multihull platforms, such as this one, capitalize on spacious accommodations, doubling the size of comparable monohulls. Wave-piercing catamarans merge the advantages of power catamarans with enhanced seakeeping abilities, reducing pitching motions and providing increased stability, freeboard, and flotation.


    Key Features:

    • Performance: Reduced hydrodynamic resistance for greater speed or reduced power consumption.
    • Soft Ride: Decreased vertical acceleration for a more comfortable journey.
    • Safety: High initial stability, increased freeboard and flotation, dual propulsion units, and more.
    • Comfort: Ample space with excellent accommodations across decks, saloon, and flybridge.

    The structural design of the new 110' adheres to Lloyd's Register Special Service Craft standards, with compliance to the Red Ensign Group Large Yacht Code. In essence, this design embodies the future of luxury yachting, blending cutting-edge technology with eco-consciousness and unparalleled elegance.

    Completion costs: She is currently 70% complete and has completed sea trails, she can be completed to her current specification and drawings (the shipyard estimates a cost of $4m to complete the order), or she can be purchased in her current state for $2.2m and the finishing can be completed elsewhere to the new owners preferences.