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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE Price on Application
    YEAR 2024
    LENGTH 105' (32m)
    BEAM 46' 9" (14.25m)
    GUESTS 10
    CABINS 5
    MAX SPEED 30 Knots
    FLAG Spain
    DRAFT 4.11m
    ENGINES Steyr SE236S36 231hp
    HULL MATERIAL Carbon Fiber
    CREW 4

    The INFINITI 105 represents a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and unparalleled luxury in the world of sailing superyachts. From its revolutionary hull design to its meticulously crafted interiors, every aspect of the INFINITI 105 has been meticulously engineered to deliver an unparalleled sailing experience.

    **Performance and Innovation:**
    At the heart of the INFINITI 105 is a groundbreaking hull design that sets new standards for performance and stability. Utilizing Dynamic Stability Systems, this yacht boasts a displacement lower than any other in its class, resulting in reduced heeling and pitching for a smoother, more comfortable ride. This innovative system not only enhances stability but also increases righting moment, making the yacht easier to sail and faster underway.

    **Customization Options:**
    The INFINITI 105 offers a range of customization options to cater to the unique preferences of its owners. Two bow options are available: a sleek reverse bow for those with a penchant for racing, and a more traditional vertical bow for a classic look. Despite these choices, all adjustments are seamlessly integrated into the yacht's design, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic without the need for major structural changes.

    **Spacious and Elegant Interiors:**
    Step aboard the INFINITI 105 and enter a world of refined elegance and comfort. The sleek glass superstructure floods the main saloon with natural light, creating a bright and inviting space for relaxation and socializing. With seating positioned beneath the superstructure, traditional corridors are replaced with open, dynamic spaces that encourage interaction and connectivity among guests.

    The INFINITI 105 can comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests across 3 luxurious en suite cabins. Each cabin is meticulously appointed with the finest materials and finishes, ensuring a restful night's sleep and a rejuvenating retreat from the day's adventures. Whether cruising with family or entertaining guests, the INFINITI 105 provides a level of comfort and luxury that is truly unmatched.

    In summary, the INFINITI 105 represents the pinnacle of sailing excellence, combining unparalleled performance, luxurious accommodations, and innovative design in a yacht that redefines the art of cruising. Whether exploring exotic destinations or racing across the open seas, the INFINITI 105 promises an unforgettable experience for discerning sailors and luxury enthusiasts alike.