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The Admiral Emotion QUINTA ESSENTIA is a 55m hybrid yacht with an aluminium hull and superstructure.
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    PRICE Price on Application
    YEAR 2024
    LENGTH 72' (21.95m)
    BEAM 31' 3" (9.5m)
    GUESTS 8
    CABINS 4
    MAX SPEED 28 Knots
    FLAG Spain
    DRAFT 2.7m
    ENGINES D13-1000 1000hp
    D13-1000 1000hp
    HULL MATERIAL Fiberglass
    CREW 4
    Experience a new era of performance cruising with the Infiniti 72 catamaran, where groundbreaking design concepts and state-of-the-art technology converge to elevate your sailing adventures. Discover the pinnacle of stability, luxury, and velocity aboard this exceptional vessel. Let's explore the remarkable features of this extraordinary yacht:

    **Design Innovations:**

    1. **Optimized Mast Placement:** Positioned further aft on the roof, the mast enhances downwind performance and streamlines mainsail handling for an unparalleled sailing experience.

    2. **Enhanced Beam:** A wider beam not only expands interior space, including a spacious saloon and aft cockpit, but also amplifies stability and maneuverability, ensuring smooth sailing in any conditions.

    3. **Luxurious Living Spaces:** The forward section of the yacht features meticulously crafted living quarters, including a navigation station, lounge area, and top-tier refrigeration units, seamlessly blending functionality with opulence.

    4. **Dynamic Stability System (DSS) Foils:** Integrating cutting-edge DSS foils, this catamaran reduces pitching, increases lift, and enhances stability, guaranteeing safety and comfort even in the most challenging environments.

    5. **Efficient Sail Configuration:** Supported by the aft-positioned mast, the yacht boasts a Doyle cableless sail plan, optimizing speed and efficiency without compromising on performance.

    6. **Tailored Customization:** Owners can personalize the interior layout and design to suit their preferences, from practical configurations to lavish finishes, ensuring a bespoke sailing experience.

    7. **Advanced Systems Integration:** Engineered for reliability and ease of maintenance, the yacht's systems are strategically located for accessibility and efficiency, simplifying operation for seamless voyages.

    **Performance and Revolutionary Technology:**

    1. **Foil-Centric Design Approach:** Embodying a foil-centric design ethos, the Infiniti 72 maximizes performance across diverse sailing conditions, surpassing conventional design limitations.

    2. **Benefits of DSS Foils:** DSS foils not only enhance stability and reduce drag but also mitigate the risk of capsize, delivering unparalleled safety and performance on the water.

    3. **Pioneering Technological Advancements:** At the forefront of foil-driven yacht design, Infiniti Yachts pioneers safety, efficiency, and performance innovations, setting industry benchmarks for excellence.

    4. **A New Era in Sailing:** The Infiniti 72 Catamaran heralds a paradigm shift in multihull sailing, combining unmatched comfort, speed, and safety to redefine the cruising experience.

    In conclusion, the Infiniti 72 catamaran epitomizes the pinnacle of performance cruising, boasting a fusion of groundbreaking design, advanced technology, and unparalleled luxury. Whether leisurely cruising or engaging in competitive racing, this yacht promises an unforgettable journey on the open seas.