Stunning scenarios, bright blue waters, and little rocky villages perfectly portray the amazing destination of Greece.
Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” — Ibn Battuta

Historic and Captivating.

Stunning scenarios, bright blue waters, and little rocky villages perfectly portray the amazing destination of Greece.

Greece is one of the best areas to experience a calm and amazing yacht charter holiday with family and friends.

The turquoise waters, the amazing natural landscapes contrasted by the white local greek buildings, and the greek joyful night life all merge together to offer unique and long-lasting life experiences. Beside the splendid landscapes and panoramic views, the greek islands also offer numerous areas to explore and visit, with remarkable ancient history, unique architecture, and charming little villages.


The capital of Greece is Athens, also one of the most captivating and famous destinations to be visited. The city boasts of important history that goes back to 3,400 years, as it has been one of the most conquered cities and area where many historic heroes have built numerous fascinating and impressive monuments.

Beside visiting the nature that surround the city, the majority of the attractions that concern this destination are strictly related to its rich history.
An icon and symbol of Ancient Greece’s glory is the “Parthenon”, one of the main monuments to visit while in Athens. The Parthenon has been designed to be the pre-eminent monument of the Acropolis. It has two dual purposes: the first one is to welcome the great statue of Athena, while the second is to functions as the new treasury. Another famous historical monument, considered the most important one in the entire Western world, is the “Acropolis”. Crowned by the Parthenon, it is situated high up so you can see the whole city of Athens. The monuments and sanctuaries, created with white marble, shine with the light of the midday su, and sparkle at night as the star illuminate the top part of the city.

The Cyclades

Another destination, less cultural, but equally charming with its beautiful landscapes and renowned night life, include the Cyclades archipelago. These islands offer the perfect compromise between culture and hedonism, including ancient sites, museums, but also active nightlife, exclusive dining locations, beautiful sandy beach, and great shopping.

One of the most popular islands for the crazy nightlife and pubs is Mykonos. Characterized by a picturesque port, and a rather savage nature, it hosts some of the best luxury beach clubs and restaurants.

From the standpoint of romanticism and stunning landscapes, do not miss to visit the island of Santorini. Breathtaking sunsets, a romantic little center with local shops and international boutiques, and exclusive hotels and beaches characterize the entire island, making it a “must” for young couples or families who want to enjoy their time in a luxury but calm atmosphere.

Another island that is equally stunning and beautiful is Paros, a village characterized by white cubic houses and impressive neoclassical mansions.

Experience the beauty of the island by walking through the beautiful and traditional villages, like Léfkes that is located at the highest point of Paros and benefits from the amazing and splendid view of the island.

While in the Paros, do not miss the chance to tour the beautiful coast and explore the beautiful white beaches of the area. Enjoy the unusual natural landscape of the Kolymbithres beaches, with impressive white rock and a stunning panoramic views. Discover the island by hiking. In this way, you will discover amazing views and outstanding spots to make videos and capture photo shots.

The archeological jewel of the Cyclades is for sure the island of Delos, also known for being the birthplace of Apollo – god of light, music, poetry, prophecy, and healing. The village is set up in the mountains and is surrounded by a rich green landscape. It is characterized by traditional Cycladic and neoclassical buildings, and beautiful squares.

Another worth-visiting island, much bigger in comparisons to the little island of the Cyclades Archipelago, is Corfu. The island is located on the western end of mainland Greece and it is characterized by a greenery and thriving wildlife. The area of Corfu disposes of many different attractions, from snorkeling and diving in the beautiful turquoise sea, to visiting the town in its total beauty and richness of historical landmarks.

Some of the notable sights to see and places to visit include the ruins of Palaiopolis, which in the ancient times was an “agora”, as well as the monastery of Virgin Mary built in the 16th century. In Corfu, if you have the chance, do not miss to visit the St. Michael and George palace in the town of Corfu. Inside these palaces you will find the Asiatic Art Museum and the Christian Art Museum, two museums of notable relevance.

Another highly significant destination to consider is Rhodes, the biggest island in the Dodecanese. The charm of the ancient Greek civilization is the main reason to live a yacht charter experience in the island, also known as the Greek “sun island”.

Rhodes is, since many years, one of the most important maritime destinations in the entire Greece. This is mainly due to its strategic location, just a few nautical miles from Turkey. In this way, many charter destinations end their greek itinerary in Greece, to proceed to discover the Turkish land.

Rhodes is characterized by an excellent climate condition, with 300 days of full sunshine per year. This destination, besides being rich of ancient architectural masterpieces, is also one of the favorite areas of international tourists and sailors.

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