About Us Yacht Management

We understand the needs of today’s yacht owners and captains. We offer a comprehensive yacht management service, ensuring your yacht is maintained, operated, and handled with the highest possible standards. Our dedicated team meticulously supervises the yachts no matter where in the world they may be, working together with the crew on the day-to-day running of the yacht.

1. Financial Management

1.1. Preparation of Annual Operating Budget

Preparation of Annual operating budget and submission for Owner’s approval. Providing monthly financial reports by the 10th of each month with analysis of separate categories expenses and comments in case of cost over-run. Providing extra costs table (if any) to be paid together with approved monthly funds by the 25th of each month.

1.2. Review of all Invoices

Opening Yacht sub-accounts and managing credit cards for Petty Cash (regular yacht’s expenses) and APA (expenses during the charters).

1.3. Management of Expenses

Opening Yacht sub-accounts and managing credit cards for Petty Cash (regular yacht’s expenses) and APA (expenses during the charters).

1.4. Invoice Payment and Book-keeping

Making payments of all yacht related invoices. Organizing daily book-keeping in the customized software QuickBooks.

1.5. Charter Budgeting and Reports

Budgeting charter expenses, detailed charter reports at the completion of Owner’s charters.

2. Crew Management

2.1. Crew Structure

Crew structure development and optimization.

2.2. Professional Crew Recruitment

Selecting crew members according to approved Crew structure and checking their certifications and references.

2.3. Management of Crew Contracts

Preparation and signature of crew contract on behalf of the Owner, calculation of monthly payroll, holiday leave and working hours. Payment of salaries from the yacht sub-account.

2.4. Organization of Crew Medical and Accident Insurance

2.5. Organization and Booking of Crew Traveling

3.a Operational Management

3.1.a Development and Management of Annual Cruising Plan

Developing an Annual cruising plan, managing the Yacht’s calendar. Coordination with the Owner the transit routes, booking berths in the agreed ports.

3.2.a Fulfillment of Owner’s Tasks and Requests

Fulfillment of Owner’s tasks and requests, efficient response to requests for any interior, systems or equipment modifications/repairs and technical works. All requests are mentioned in the Vessel Task list, updated monthly.

3.3.a Insurance Management

Organizing the vessel annual insurance and planned bunkering based on competitive tender proposals.

3.3.a Vessel Reports

Organizing Vessel weekly/monthly reports.

3.b Technical Management

3.1.b Technical Yacht Supervision

Technical supervision of the Yacht: critical equipment, paint, systems, deck, equipment, and interior. Manager provides the Owner with the technical report on the monthly basis and gives recommendations.

3.1.b Planned Maintenance Review

Organization of warranty works and regular maintenance/repairs for the vessel.

4. Compliance

4.1. ISM System

4.2. Online/Offline Admin System

4.3. Crew Certification Compliance

4.4. Satellite Tracking System

4.5. ISPS Security Assessments & Audits

4.6. Yacht Certification Compliance

4.7. 24/7 Emergency Handling & DPA

4.8. Bi-Annual Audits