Being official sponsors of Bull Days in Dubai is a testament to our commitment to extraordinary experiences. The fusion of yachting and racing cars creates a symphony of excitement, blending the speed of the track with the elegance of the open sea. It’s an immersive journey that undoubtedly resonates with enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of both worlds.

Bull Days, the exclusive community of Lamborghini race car owners, chooses Dubai as their meet-up during the renowned Boat Show, adding an opulent touch to this experience. The convergence of high-performance cars and luxury yachts at this iconic event creates a unique tapestry of sophistication and adrenaline, promising guests a blend of unforgettable moments and unparalleled extravagance.

Join us at the Dubai Boat Show –  stand MLL-55. Be ready to enjoy thrilling experiences and to live captivating souvenirs.

Looking forward to meeting you at the show! For additional details, our team is happy to assist you: