Rarely unspoiled by humans, this territory offers landscapes blackened with ice and hosts some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries.
All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. — Martin Buber

Also known as the “White Continent”, Antarctica is a land where time seems to stand still, creating an amazing and breathtaking scenery of natural wonders. Experiencing a yacht charter vacation through Antarctica is the ultimate way to explore this unique and majestic location, described by most of the visitors: a frozen paradise.

Rarely unspoiled by humans, this territory offers landscapes blackened with ice and hosts some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries. Besides the marvelous icebergs and the glacial waters, the territory also hosts an outstanding animal selection. By cruising across the incredible landscapes, you will easily be amazed by colonies of penguins and herd of seals wondering through their natural habitat.

Antarctica is heaven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering different thrilling activities, and opportunities for whale and bird watching. With some of the most beautiful seascapes in the world, visitors can cruise amongst imposing icebergs and explore the desolated solitude of this amazing wonderland.

One of the main destinations while traveling across Antarctica is the Deception Island. This stunning and wonderful location is situated in the South Shetlands, off the Antarctic Peninsula. The surface is a caldera of an active volcano and has one of the safest natural harbors. This amazing location, besides offering perfectly sheltered waters, is characterized by glacial sceneries and inspiring views over a unique and indescribable landscape.

Further South, cruise along the narrow Lemaire Channel, offering a wonderful sight of a rugged coastline and Antarctic cliffs. This picturesque location is characterized by safe and fully protected waters, which are often as still as a lake, thus permitting tranquil and comfortable cruising.

As the climate and the temperatures cannot be controlled, it is worth choosing the best time to visit Antarctica in advance. The best period is between November to March, where the sunlight lasts around 20 hours a day. The temperatures range from 20 to 35 degrees, making it a comfortable and pleasing environment for visitors who are visiting and exploring the territory.

Antarctica often surpasses every kind of traveler’s expectation, offering a landscape that they have never seen before. In fact, rarity and uniqueness are at the base of this vacation, making it an unforgettable journey for both adults and kids. Throughout the vacation, the visitors will be able to live moments of total peace and tranquility, and witness species who have survived against the tough weather conditions characterized by strong winds and cold temperatures. Furthermore, unique activities of fishing, mountaineering, and diving will be at the base of this yacht charter holiday, making it an exceptional and unforgettable moment of life.

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