One of the most exciting development projects in the world.
Saudi Arabia's current development focuses on three main themes: a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation.

NEOM will be in the province of Tabuk, in northwest Saudi Arabia, and it is presented to be a living laboratory, formed by towns, ports, cities, enterprise zones, research centers, entertainment venues and tourist attractions.

This destination is currently under construction, and it is said to be the most interesting development project existing today, incorporating all the latest technologies and innovations. In fact, it will be entirely powered by renewable energy, it will be a regional powerhouse in water production, and it will be considered the most advanced smart city in the planet.

This belt of communities will be built around existing desert, with no roads and cars; therefore, facing some of the humanity’s primary challenges like pollution, traffic and human congestions.

This project is said to be the cornerstone of Saudi’s Vision 2030, as well as a economic boost for the Kingdom – aiming to bring 380,000 more jobs and $48 billion to domestic GDP by 2030.

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