Be thrilled to explore the amazing territory of Patagonia, between forests, fjords, and legendary glaciers.
Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. — Gustave Flaubert

Wild and Exotic Landscapes.

Be thrilled to explore the amazing territory of Patagonia, between forests, fjords, and legendary glaciers.

Patagonia is situated in the southern area of South America, bordered with Argentina and Chile.

Its superb and charming surrounding landscapes make it an excellent destination for charterers and a suitable land to perfectly explore and visit by superyacht.

The Patagonian landscapes vary from area to area; visitors can visit multiple of different sceneries, from fjords and glaciers in the North to desert landscapes in the South. In this region the possibilities to live extraordinary adventures are endless.

The region of Patagonia has not changed much compared to some centuries ago. Nature remains very wild and exotic with endless wonders at every corner of the region.

To learn about the region’s history and vibrant gaucho lifestyle, it is interesting to visit Puerto Natales, which is a port city in the South of Patagonia. It’s the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park in the north, and the port for boat touring through the Patagonian fjords.

The Torres del Paine National Park is a highly recommended attraction, to enjoy and explore the outstanding nature. Capture photo shots of magnificent forestsice-topped mountainsimmense waterfalls, and glassy lakes to have unforgettable souvenirs of wonderful adventures.

Explore the stunning views over the Southern Ice Fields, discover the Milodon Cave, sail through the fjords and discover the stunning glaciers during your yacht charter vacation. Many itineraries can be personalized and created following your own desires and requests. Adventurous visitors may be willing to explore the very southern extreme of the region, as well as cruising through the sea fjords in direction of Antarctica. You will also have the opportunity to observe dolphins playing, joyful penguins, and killer whale during your journey.
Besides traveling through the fjords, be ready to experience the prevalent sports of the area, such as trekking and fly fishing. For more thrill, climb the amazing peaks of the Cerro Mackay Mountain.
Enjoy the spectacular panorama of the Carretera Austral with green forests and breathtaking views of nature’s beauty.
For local products, such as crafts and arts, visit the main square in Coyhaiques. In this area, you will also have the chance to merge yourself with the local population and understand their culture and daily habits.

Overall, Patagonia offers a wide selection of different adventures to experience with family and friends. It gives the opportunity to live unique experiencestaste delicious local fooddiscover the e

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