Young Millenial and Gen Z Superyacht Owners are rewriting the rules and turning to designs from the outside of the marine industry to bring their visions to life and create something extraordinary. Architects, Joseph Dirand and Marie Soliman, are leading the charge, prioritizing open deck spaces, nature connections, and out-of-the-box interiors.

See how Joseph Durand reduced the overall height of the 118 meter Solaris yacht and gave it the beach club feel thanks to softer edges and more wood in the interior

Marie Soliman effortlessly weaves a tapestry of ambience, injecting youthful and playful elements into her designs.

Meanwhile, designer David Weiss adds a cinematic touch, breaking every rule to create a fantasy realm to the yacht’s interior.

This wave of innovation is driven by a financially well-off and design-savvy demographic, fueling a surge in unconventional yacht design.